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Dental Essentials is Australia’s leading dental practice insurer with over 900 dental clients currently insured.

The range of cover we offer is comprehensive and designed to protect your dental practice against unforeseen and unpleasant events that threaten the operations of practice, the livelihood of partners and directors and their personal assets.

Interruptions to the operation of your practice can come from many directions with threats many and varied. These may include: accidental damage to expensive equipment; being targeted by cyber criminals; becoming the defendant in a practice related legal suit or, more commonly than you may think, the target of employee fraud; even honest taxpaying companies frequently end up in the spotlight of a routine ATO tax audit.... the risk list goes on.

With the right insurance policy, tailored to your needs, Dental Essentials can protect you from the financial impact of threats to your business and personal financial security when caused by an insurable event. 

And at claim time when things go wrong, our response is both speedy and efficient.  We take the hassle out of the process and can report that the majority of claims submitted by our clients are settled, to our clients satisfaction, within 7 days of lodgement.

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    Comprehensive Cover

    We know what you need in terms of insurance. We'll cover you for things you know, and just as importantly for things you don't. You can rest easy, we've got you covered.

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    Easy Claims

    Something go wrong? Make your claim in minutes. Call us now on 1300 136 339, or complete our easy online form. We'll get on it and get back to you with an answer.

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    Professional Service

    Directly access our senior insurance professionals. We're headed up by Murray Bruce, who has significant experience in the dental profession insurance market.

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